ISO50047 : 2016 was published in November 2016 and provides guidance on how organisations can identify the effects of their efforts to reduce energy use.

Companies wishing to attain ISO50001 certification need to demonstrate an improvement in their energy performance. The published standard does not however provide any guidance on how this should be done. The ISO50047 standard fills this gap.

ISO50047 - Determination of energy savings. Chart showing savings made after efficiency improvements.

With half hourly data available before and after installations, energy savings can be clearly identified.

It is intended to be used as a tool by energy managers and decision makers to help them clearly identify the real & lasting energy savings that have been achieved. The same processes will also of course highlight the actions which have not proved so fruitful.

It is available to any organisation, not just those who have, or are working to attain an Energy Management standard such as ISO50001.

The guidance within the standard describes how comparisons of energy consumption can be made before and after the implementation of ‘energy performance improvement actions’ or between different departments or sections within the same organisation.

ISO50047:2016 Topics Covered

The topics covered by ISO50047 include:

  • establishing the purpose of determining energy savings;
  • determining boundaries;
  • energy accounting, including primary and delivered energy and the use of common energy units;
  • selecting an approach for the determination of energy savings;
  • establishing an energy baseline;
  • normalization of energy consumption;
  • determination of energy savings;
  • reporting and other matters.
Determining an energy use base line

With good energy use data, an energy baseline can be established.

For more information on ISO50047 and the other energy related ISO standards, please see the pages listed below:

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