The Profile Portable Energy Recorder allows electrical energy use surveys to be performed anywhere on site where supply cables are accessible. Single phase or 3 phase circuits can be monitored for a survey period of up to 12 weeks.

As detailed in our ‘Installing the Profile Portable Energy Monitor‘ post, installing the Profile for a survey is a very simple process.
However, on occasion (usually due to a very low circuit current or poor power factor) the Profile may not be able to complete its ‘Autophase‘ routine. When this occurs it is necessary to ‘phase by hand’‘ in the manor detailed below to ensure correct installation.

Always read the installation notes in the full Profile User Manual supplied with the system paying particular attention to all electrical safety statements.
N.B. Installing a Profile system can involve working near to exposed electricity carrying cables or bus bars and should therefore only be performed by a suitable person with the relevant electrical safety qualifications.

Profile Portable Energy Recorder – Phase by Hand Guidance

Before proceeding with the following instructions please first read through & attempt the autophase installation procedure.

N.B. In order to ‘phase by hand’ it is necessary for at least a small load to be present on each phase being monitored.
A PDF version of this Profile ‘Phase by Hand’ guide can be downloaded for offline use.

When phasing by hand, the Profile sets itself to believe that the unit’s power is sourced from the phase that coil 1 is installed around. Please ensure that installation caters for this.

To phase by hand remove all of the coils then re-connect one at a time;
1. First put coil 1 [red/brown] on the cable believed to be phase 1 and check using the Profile’s display that phase 1 kW & kVAr are both positive.
2. Proceed to put coil 2 [yellow/black] on the cable believed to be phase 2 and then check that phase 1 & 2 kW and kVAr are all positive.
3. If this is the case, coil 3 [blue/grey] can then be connected. Again check for positive kW & kVAr.

8 kW Display 300x122 1 1
9 kVAr Display 300x118 1 1

If at any time negative values are displayed then a coil is either on the wrong phase or has the wrong orientation. Coils should be attached so that all phase kW and kVAr values displayed are positive.

Once this Phase by Hand process is complete, the Profile can be left in situ to record as if the autophase routine had completed successfully.

Please also refer to the relevant section in the Profile Installation Guide provided with the unit at time of purchase.