The Profile 3 Phase Energy Monitor allows energy usage surveys to be performed on many different types of electrical installation.

Whilst designed specifically to monitor energy use on three-phase installations, the Profile is just as easy to install and use for single phase energy monitoring surveys on single phase electrical supplies.
The instructions below detail the procedure for performing a single phase energy monitoring survey.

As always when installing the Profile 3 phase energy monitor, please read the installation notes in the full Profile User Manual supplied with the system paying particular attention to all electrical safety statements.

N.B. Installing a Profile system can involve working near to exposed electricity carrying cables or bus bars and should therefore only be performed by a suitable person with the relevant electrical safety qualifications.

Using Profile for Single Phase Energy Monitoring Surveys

For single phase installation use only the red/brown phase coil. The system will assume that the voltage providing power is also from this phase so it is essential that this is so.

1. Connect coils to the Profile system and power the Profile with the supplied mains lead.
2. Put the red/brown coil around the supply cable [live only, i.e. the coil should NOT be looped around both the live & neutral] ensuring that the direction arrow points in the direction of current flow.

Current Direction Small 300x211 1
CurrentDirection 300x223 1

3. The system will power up with the date & time on display as well as a statement of logging mode (e.g. ’30 mins autologg’).

2 Display30MinAuto 300x118 1 1

4. Press the enter key: ReturnKey

The Profile will display; ‘Settling down please wait’ followed by ‘Current too low for autophasing’

4 SettlingDown 300x129 1 1
Profile CurrentTooLow 300x131 1

5. Press the enter key again. The Profile will state ‘Please Phase by Hand’. Providing you have the coil installed correctly you need do nothing further.

Press the escape key EscKey

and then use the arrow keys to step through display pages to check that phase 1 kW & kVAr are positive.
The system will now record energy use over the selected recording period for the measured cable.

profile lcd phase by hand 300x140 1
Profile kW 1Phase 300x121 1
Profile kVAr 1Phases 300x121 1

In some circumstances it is possible for a ‘small’ negative kVAr reading to be shown even when coil installation is correct (‘small’ here means relative to the corresponding kW readings, e.g. -1 or -2 kVAr, against tens of kW or higher).
This is usually due to inductive loads on the circuit being measured (computers or florescent lighting for example).

Any customer requiring further guidance in the use of Profile should contact their supplier.