Below is the change log (version history) of the ProPower 3 software for the Profile Portable Energy Recorder. The PP3 installation package is available for download from;

Ver. 3.694

  • No software changes but the software installer & executable file are now signed with a code signing certificate. This should help prevent false positive antivirus alerts during software installation and and when the installed software is run.

Ver. 3.693

  • Corrected the Pulse Inputs section of the XLS report. It was reporting Max rather than Sum. The value was already correct on the software Summary Report & in the PDF report.
  • On XLS Report, limited the calculated figures on the survey demand data & consumption data tabs to 5 decimal places.
  • Added a message box to confirm submission of a valid licence key.

Ver. 3.692

  • The NFE logo and copyright date on the About page were updated.
  • A number of libraries have been updated since the last release.
  • The scaling of the Volts & PF dials on the main communications screen were fixed to accommodate differences in the updated libraries.
  • Fixed Excel Report day/night calculations on Consumption tab. Similar to the issue corrected on the Summary tab in V3.64.
  • Added Cost column in consumption area of Summary Report, based on user entered Day & Night rates in I26 & I27.

Ver. 3.691

  • Corrected the Phase 3 column heading on the Summary Report. It was previously labelled ‘Phase 2’.
  • Fixed an issue that in some circumstances could cause a false ‘attempt to download future data’ warning when downloading survey data for a period across a daylight saving clock change.
  • Changed the date pickers on the Setup Logging area to match those used elsewhere in the app.
  • The data file loading routine was adjusted to accommodate data files that have become slightly corrupted.

Ver. 3.68

  • Fixed a problem that could occur with downloading survey data if the Profile date was set incorrectly.
  • Improvements were made to the manual clearing of Profile memory to make the routine more robust with older Profile hardware.

Ver. 3.66

  • Option added on data file loading screen to set survey as ‘Single Phase Survey’. This option sets all phase 2 & 3 values to zero to ensure that report totals ignore any small values that may have been picked up by the phase 2 & 3 coils during the survey.

Ver. 3.65

  • All values on Summary Report set to display 2 decimal places except for pulse input data which is integer, and volts figures which are given to 1 dp only.

Ver. 3.64

  • Changed the colour used for the overlay chart ‘circuit total’ values to a brighter green to make it stand out more when it is drawn over a bar chart.
  • Added Fix Scale option for right-hand scale independent of the existing fix left-hand
  • Fixed a slight issue in the XLS Report summary tab day/night consumption calculations so that the values correctly reflect the night start & end times set in cells A26 & A28.
  • Fixed a slight issue in the Summary Report day/night consumption calculations so that the values correctly reflect the night start & end times set in the ProPower Settings.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.

Ver. 3.63

  • Added user selectable night start & end times for use with Summary Report night/day consumption figures.
  • Fixed a slight bug in night time consumption calculations used on the XLS Report summary tab.

Ver. 3.61

  • Windows installer improvements to remove all temp & settings files on uninstallation of ProPower 3.
  • Bug fix on data download: if no data file path was set & download button was clicked the app crashed the next time that the download button was clicked.
  • When loading a data file, the Survey Title is now updated to include the file name as it is typed/updated.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.

Ver. 3.60

  • Downloaded data files format changed to custom .pp3 files. This allows users to double click on saved .pp3 data files which will open directly in ProPower 3.
    Loading & analysis of .txt Profile data file is still allowed.

Ver. 3.59

  • Added time limited licence key functionality which allows full use for 1 month from specified date.

Ver. 3.58

  • Fixed issue on mac with auto opening of pdf files when ‘View as PDF…’ clicked or PDF Report created.
  • Dials on live comms screen now adjust max value to one of five values (50, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000) to suit the displayed figure.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.

Ver. 3.57

  • Bug fix to prevent saving of downloaded data to a file with no extension.

Ver. 3.56

  • Changes made to the way that PDF Report & XLS Report are generated to allow the opening of more than one report at a time (for example with different start/end dates)
  • Additional minor bug fixes.

Ver. 3.52

  • Enlarged projected year labels on summary to allow display of larger figures
  • Made line chart lines thinner to show greater detail.
  • Removed ‘Total Amps’ figures from some chart displays because it’s a meaningless figure.
  • Cosmetic changes to the main communications screen dials.
  • Added the option to add Circuit Total charts for kW, kVAr, kVA, & PF charts to the PDF Report. This applies to full report length charts only (not the daily ones).
  • Added optional logo to PDF Report title page (path to logo set in Settings)
  • Fixed bug that wrote period time to Date column in PDF reports data tables.

Ver 3.51

  • Added timeout to Profile memory clear function to prevent software hang in some circumstances.

Ver. 3.5

  • Implement license key to switch between demo and full version.

Ver. 3.4

  • Added warning if selected end date is before selected start date.
  • If the selected start or end date is outside the range of the loaded data file the selected date will automatically change to be the first first or last date for which data exists.

Ver. 3.3

  • Limited first chart opening to number of data points = screen width.
  • Added context menu to summary.
  • Added view as option on PDF to Summary Report and chart.
  • Cosmetic changes to XLS Report template to make labels display better on PIe Charts.
  • Other cosmetic changes.
  • Changed Help menu item to ‘Online Help’.
  • Added Demo version.

Ver. 3.2

  • Added chart context menu, & drag to zoom functionality.
  • Changed Pie chart for demand values, Volts, Amps, & PF to be average rather than total.

Ver 3.0

  • First release.