Profile Energy Monitor App Version 2

The Profile Energy Monitor App version 2 for Android devices makes downloading & analysing energy survey data from your Profile Portable Energy Recorder even easier.
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Energy survey data can be downloaded from your Android phone or tablet via its USB connection.

Energy monitor app main screen

Set survey start & end dates

Profile energy monitor app downloading survey data

Analysis of downloaded data is provided by way of a survey summary report showing the kWh, kVAh & kVArh total consumption for the downloaded period as well as the peak period demand (kW, kVA & kVAr), and a range of charts displaying kW, kVA, kVAr demand or period amps, volts & power factor.
Once downloaded, survey data files can also be emailed, or copied to a PC or laptop for analysis within the Profile’s ProPower 3 analysis software.

Profile energy monitor app ver 2 - summary report

kW chart with point value

A full (PDF) version of the instructions that follow can be downloaded from


App requirements
Using the App
Log On to Profile
Download Survey Data
Summary Report
Analysis Charts
Emailing Data Files

Energy Monitor App Requirements

Android device with USB connection and Android version 4.4 (KitKat, API 19) or higher installed*
Suitable USB cable**
Downloaded survey data files are compatible with ProPower 3 ver 3.60 or later. They cannot be used in ProPower 2.
* The Profile Energy Monitor app may work on earlier versions of Android but these are not supported and issues may be encountered.
** A suitable USB cable is required to connect your phone/tablet to the Profile. The Profile has a USB-Mini-B connector.
For Android phones & other devices that contain a USB-Micro-B connector. The Lindy cable part numbers 31717, 31718 & 31719 have been found to be suitable in these circumstances. 
Please note that this is not a recommendation and the specific requirements of individual phones/tablets should be checked before purchasing a suitable cable.

Installing the Energy Monitor App

The Profile Energy Monitor application is available free of charge from the Google Play Store;

Get the Profile Energy Monitor app on Google Play

Once installed, the Profile Energy Monitor application will appear in your app list with the following icon.
Profile energy monitor app icon


To uninstall the Profile Energy Monitor app follow your device's usual uninstall procedure.
Please note that uninstalling the Profile Energy Monitor app will remove all stored Profile data files. If you wish to keep them please send or copy them to another device before uninstalling.

Using the Profile Energy Monitor Application

On first opening the Profile Energy Monitor App you can choose to Log On to a connected Profile, or to view or email previously downloaded data files.

Energy monitor app main screen

Three buttons are available;
Log On* – opens the connection to the Profile & displays live connection readings.
View Data – displays a list of the Profile survey data files that are stored on the device from where one can be selected for analysis.
Email Data Files – displays a list of the Profile survey data files that are stored on the device from where one or more can be selected to send as email attachments.

The menu button (≡) provides access to further options;

Profile energy monitor app menu

Profile Install Guide – provides access to the online Profile Installation Guide (internet access required).
App Help opens the App Help Guide (this document, internet access required).
Aboutdisplays the app information screen providing version and contact information.

To exit the application, press your device ‘Home’ or ‘Back’ button.

*In order to Log On, a Profile must be connected to your device's USB port. If Log On is attempted with no Profile connected, the following error will appear.

USB connection error

Logging on to a Profile

When a Log On is first attempted you may be prompted to allow the app access to the device’s USB port. USB access must be allowed in order for the app to operate correctly.

Allow USB connection

After allowing USB access, you will need to reattempt Log On. Ticking the 'Use by default....' box should ensure that this step is necessary only once.

Once the USB permission has been granted, touching Log On opens the USB connection to the Profile. Once connected, the Profile will display 'communications in progress.' on its LCD,

Profile LCD - comms in progress

and the app will display live readings (phase by phase kW, kVA, kVAr, Volts & amps) from the circuit on to which the Profile’s Rogowski coils are connected;

Live circuit readings

The app automatically 'Logs Off' if it is closed (with the device's home or back buttons), and after completing a download.

The Live Circuit Readings display has two buttons;
Log Off - disconnects the app from the profile, safely closing the communications line.
Download Data - moves to the survey date selection screen. The app remains logged on to the profile.

N.B. Always Log Off before disconnecting the USB cable.
Failure to do so may cause the Profile to remain in 'communications mode', causing future communication problems, and possibly preventing recording.
When leaving the Profile to record, ensure that the "communications in progress" message is no longer on the LCD. The Profile may not record correctly if left in communications mode.
If this occurs either;
a) power the Profile off & on again, or
b) close the app before reconnecting the USB cable. Then restart the app and touch Log On. Allow the 'live data' to be displayed before touching Log Off.

Downloading Energy Survey Data

Touching the Download Data button on the Live Circuit Readings screen opens the survey date selection screen.
Here the start and end dates of the survey to be downloaded can be set.

Set survey start & end dates

To set the ‘Start Date’, either touch the Start Date area and type in the required date, or touch the calendar button and select the required survey start date from the pop-up calendar.
Repeat this process for the survey ‘End Date’.
Once the survey start & end dates have been set, touch the Download Data button to start the data download.

a) If survey dates are selected for which no data has been recorded, then the downloaded data file may contain corrupted data or nonsense.
b) Data is downloaded for whole days. When analysing the survey data in the ProPower 3 software, start and end times can be selected to allow analysis of data within a more specific time period.
c) When manually typing the survey start or end dates, you do not need to type the slashes (/). These will be automatically added as you enter the day, month, & year numbers.

During data download the following screen will be displayed indicating the progress of the download.

Profile app downloading survey data

It is important that the Android device & Profile are not interrupted during the data download process.
Please ensure that the Android device has sufficient battery power and that any screen savers or power saving modes (screen timeouts for example) do not interrupt the process which should take no more than a couple of minutes.

If the data download is interrupted for any reason (e.g. by a phone call), it may be necessary to repeat the download in order to ensure a complete and valid data file is created.
It may also be necessary to power the Profile off & on again to return it to a recording state.
When leaving the Profile to record, ensure that the "communications in progress" message is no longer on the LCD.

Once the survey download has been successfully, the Download Complete screen will be displayed.

Survey download complete

At this point the app will automatically log off from the Profile & close the comms link.
The Profile LCD should no longer display the 'communications in progress' message. If that message is still present power the Profile off & on again to ensure continued logging.
It is now safe to disconnect the USB cable unless further survey data is to be downloaded.

Data File storage
Survey data files are saved to the device's internal memory and also copied to a user accessible location. This user accessible location may vary on different devices and Android versions but when the device is connected to a PC, and the files viewed via Windows Explorer, the path will often be similar to;

Profile energy monitor app ver 2 - file save

The file name will be of the form ' ProfileSurveyData-STARTDATE-to-ENDDATE.pp3'.

If required this data file can be copied onto a PC & loaded into the ProPower 3 (version 3.60 or above) software for further analysis.

The Download Complete screen contains two buttons;
View Survey Totals - loads data from the survey file just downloaded into the summary report.
Email Data File - attaches the data file for the survey just downloaded to an email and opens the device user's chosen email app.

Data Analysis

Summary Report

By tapping View Data on the app's front/main screen, or View Survey Totals on the 'Download Complete' screen, a summary report of the survey data can be viewed.

This report includes the total kWh, kVAh, & kVArh consumption figures for each individual phase and the circuit total for the whole survey period. It also shows the peak period demand for the total circuit for each unit.
Profile energy monitor app ver 2 - summary report

Accessing the report from the app's main/front screen....
When accessed via the app's main/front screen, the user can select any previously downloaded Profile survey data file to analyse (provided the data file is still present on the device).
The View Data button opens the file selection screen;

Select or delete energy survey data files

The survey files are listed as per the survey dates. Touch the required survey dates to open the report screen.

Data files can be deleted from the device via this screen by touching and holding ('long touch') the required survey. The following message will appear asking for confirmation that the file should be deleted.
Delete file confirmation

Accessing the report from the 'Download Complete'screen....
When the report is accessed via the View Survey Totals button on the 'Download Complete' screen, the data file for the survey just downloaded will automatically be selected.

Analysis Chart

From the report screen, the 'View Chart' button opens a chart displaying the full survey data.

kW Demand Chart

Touching a point within the chart area shows the point values for each phase;

kW chart with point value

Tapping the chart heading displays the graph options dialogue from where the chart units can be selected. The chart can also be set to display each of the three circuit phases or the circuit total;

Chart select

Emailing Data Files

By clicking Email Data Files on the app's front/main screen, or Email Data File on the 'Download Complete' screen, survey data files can be attached to an email for easy sending to another PC or person.

Emailing report data from the app's main/front screen....
By touching the Email Data Files button on the app's front screen, multiple data files can be selected to be sent as attachments to an email.

Select energy survey data files to email

Tap the required survey data files and touch Email Selected Files to open an email with the selected files attached in the user's chosen email app.

Emailing report data from the 'Download Complete' screen....
Touching the Email Data File button on the Download Complete screen attaches the data file for the survey just downloaded to an email and opens the device user's chosen email app.


Please send any questions & report all bugs to giving as much detail as possible and attaching survey data file(s) where relevant.

Problem 1
When attempting to Log on, or at any point during communications between the app and the Profile, a message similar to the following appears;

USB connection error

Possible Resolutions
a) Check the USB cable connection between your Android device & the Profile and ensure that the cable is of a suitable type before reattempting the connection.

b) Power the Profile off & on again before reattempting the connection.

c) Check the Profile & its USB connector are OK by trying to log on with the ProPower 3 software on a PC (preferably one on which you have successfully connected to a Profile previously).

If the problem persists, the cable in use may be faulty or unsuitable for this application.

Problem 2
The app freezes during the data download process.

Possible Resolutions
a) Check the date after the 'Downloading survey data, please wait ....' text displayed on the Downloading Survey Data screen. If this is flashing & periodically changing then it is likely that data is being downloaded successfully. Depending on survey length, downloading data can take a number of minutes to complete.

b) If the date after the 'Downloading survey data, please wait ....' text appears frozen for 30s or more, the connection between the Android device and the Profile may have been lost. Close the app (pressing the device's Home or Back key), and check the cable is securely connected to both the Profile & phone/tablet.
Also check the Profile LCD; if after closing the app it still displays 'Communication in progress', power the Profile off & on again.
Now re-attempt Log On & data download.

If the problem persists, the cable in use may be faulty or unsuitable for this application, or the Profile connector itself may have become damaged.

Problem 3
Survey data readings are not as expected or are incomplete.

Possible Resolutions
a) Re-attempt downloading of survey data ensuring that the correct Start Date and End Date are applied.
Also ensure that the data download completes successfully; the Download Complete screen will appear if this is the case;

Survey download complete

If this screen does not appear after attempting to download data refer to the resolutions to Problem 1 above.

b) Check the installation of the Profile hardware ensuring that all coils are attached to the correct phases, are the correct way around, and that the AutoPhase or Phase by Hand routines have been completed - refer to Profile installation guides for more details.
This will not resolve any problems with survey data that has already been logged or downloaded, but could explain data that appears incorrect; if the Profile has not been installed correctly it will not record correct data.

Problem 4
When attempting to view survey data or email a data file you receive a message stating "No data file found!"
"There appears to be no Profile data file stored on this device. Please first download survey data" or similar.

Possible Resolutions
a) Download survey data from a Profile before attempting to view a report or email a data file.

Problem 5
When attempting to load the summary report you receive a message stating the following; "This does not seem to be a valid PP3 data file."

Possible Resolutions
a)The selected data file may be corrupt or incomplete. Delete this file and download the survey data again.

If the problem persists please send the data file to, explaining the circumstances of the error and providing your company name, and Profile serial number.


The contents of this manual and the software to which it relates are copyright protected and must not be copied or reproduced in any format without the written permission of NewFound Energy Limited.

App background photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash.

The contents of this manual reflect the Profile Energy Monitor app at the time of writing. The specification of the Profile Portable Energy Recorder, the ProPower 3 software & the Profile Energy Monitor application are subject to change without prior notice.