Profile Data Download App for Android

Introduction to the Profile Portable Energy Recorder

The Profile Portable Energy Recorder can be used to perform energy usage surveys on many types of three phase or single phase electrical installation.

Profile Portable 3 Phase Energy Monitor Photo

Profile Portable 3 Phase Energy Monitor

The Profile measures both the voltage & phase current and records period kW, kVAr, supply Volts, current, power factor and more into predetermined logging periods (30 min, 15 min, 5 min etc).
Survey data can be downloaded via the ProPower2 Windows software which also allows comprehensive analysis of the energy use on the surveyed circuit to be performed.

Profile Energy Monitor App

Downloading survey data has now become even easier with the Profile Energy Monitor App for Android.Get it on Google PlayA full (PDF) manual for the Profile App can be downloaded from;

The Profile Data Download application allows anyone with an Android device (smart phone or tablet with Android version 4 or higher) to download survey data from their Profile Portable Energy Recorder via its USB connection using a suitable USB cable.

Profile Energy Monitor App - Logged On

Providing it is safe to do so, the Profile can be left installed whilst downloading data and survey recording will not be interrupted.

Once 'logged on' to the Profile, the Data Download app displays the live status of the connected circuit. This screen displays the present kW, KVA, kVAr, Amps & Volts of the circuit being measured.

Profile Energy Monitor App - Downloading survey Data

To download data, the survey start date is selected along with survey duration (the number of days). The previous one month's data is available for download via the Data Download App.

Downloaded survey data can also be analysed within the app; a summary report displays the survey total energy use & peak period demand whilst charts can be generated displaying kW, kVA, kVAr demand or period amps, volts & power factor.

Profile Energy Monitor App - Survey Summary Report

Profile Energy Monitor App - Survey kW Chart

The downloaded survey data is saved to the device's memory as a simple text file that can also be transferred to a Windows PC or laptop for analysis within the Profile’s ProPower 2 analysis software.

Profile Data Download App Survey File Example

For more information on the Profile Data Download App, the Profile Portable Energy Recorder or any of our Energy Management, Monitoring and control systems please contact us.