Using an ATLAS system to monitor, manage & control the power use at your facility can lead to significant savings on your energy bills. ATLAS systems can also help you meet Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), ISO50001 & Demand Side Management requirements.

The range of Atlas Energy Management Systems consist of three component parts;

  • Meters measuring electricity, gas, water or other resources measure use.
  • ATLAS loggers collect and store the usage information provided by the meters.
  • PC software downloads data from the loggers and provide comprehensive analysis tools.

The meters can be measuring use of any resource, be it electricity, gas, water, compressed air etc. The only requirement is that they have a pulse output facility or a 4-20mA output which can be interfaced with our I/F 1 converter.
The pulse outputs from these meters are wired into (or sent wirelessly to) either an Atlas Logger or MicroLogger where the pulses are counted and stored in the logger’s memory in 30 or 15 minute periods.
Atlas IV loggers also use the rate that pulses are received to calculate present load and predicted period demand figures.

The loggers are polled by the data collection software at user determined intervals. The energy usage data is collected & stored in the system databases or data files.
This information is then permanently available for analysis within the Atlas software.

In the case of the AtlasEVO energy management system software, the The front-end software can be installed on any number of network users ,PCs to enable them to analyse the data collected without leaving their desk. For example finance people can produce in house bills and production managers can confirm efficiency of manufacture.

ATLAS Energy Management Systems Typical layout

atlas system layout

The diagram above shows the possible layout of AtlasEVO series energy management systems as well as the various PC to Logger communication options available.
All communication methods can be used with any type of logger. Loggers can all be on the same site or at different locations.

Within ATLAS Maximum Demand Control & Demand Side Management Systems, a Load Control Unit is added to the Atlas IV logger to provide load shedding capabilities.

demand side management load control unit

ATLAS Load Control Unit with 8 Load Shedding Relays

The Load Control Unit (LCU) houses 8 load shedding relays which are activated according to the target period demand level and other parameters set through the ATLAS Maximum Demand Control software.