Why Should I Monitor My Site’s Energy Use?

The first question that potential clients often seek an answer to is “why should I monitor my company’s or site’s energy use?
Fortunately this is a questions that is fairly easy to answer;

All reductions in the use of energy and other resources will improve your company profitability £ for £, i.e. if you reduce the number of kWhs of electricity or gas you are paying for, you instantly increase your company’s profits without having to make any extra sales.

In order to cut your energy usage, you first need to know when & where it is being used so that you can identify areas where improvements can be made. This is where a comprehensive Energy Management & Monitoring system comes in.

Some things will be obvious as soon as you see a simple load profile graph (e.g. equipment left powered while not in use). Other things may take a little more investigation (e.g. can production patterns be changed so that higher load operations are carried out during ‘off peak’ hours).

Monitoring your electricity, gas, water (& other resource) usage provides the means to cut your operational costs through improved knowledge and analysis of how your site uses electricity, gas, water and other resources.

What an Energy Monitoring & Management System will provide

A comprehensive energy monitoring & management system will provide the following:

  • Automatic energy/resource use data collection.
  • Early warning of potential overuse.
  • Analysis of usage to highlight waste and inefficient practices/machinery.
  • Precise cost allocation to user defined cost centres.
  • Improved area manager accountability.
  • Confirmation that your supplier has not overcharged you.
  • The basis for identifying the best new tariff for you.
  • Help you meet Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), ISO50001, or Electricity Demand Reduction Scheme requirements.