The Senator Group – Case Study

The Senator Group is the UK’s largest manufacturer of office furniture, located over 5 manufacturing sites based in the North West of England, producing for the world market with outlets in the USA, Europe, and Asia.
The company is totally committed to sustainability, and over recent years has developed two distinct recycling centres that recycle more than 95% of company waste. It is also very aware of Green House Gas, and has been driven to reduce its Carbon footprint for the last 7 years; to the point that the manufacturing sites are now carbon neutral.

The Senator Group - Case Study

In 2013 the desk manufacturing site at Altham near Accrington gained the prestigious ISO 50001 Energy Management certification.

Prior to this the company realised they needed to improve the way energy usage data was recorded, and chose the AtlasEVO system to capture “real time” energy usage of the whole site.

The Group Services Manager provided the following insights.

Which areas of site are being monitored?
"The company installed 36 electricity sub meters to measure the energy use of the highest consumers on site.
The individual meters provide data for the manufacturing machinery, the extraction systems, the biomass boiler, compressors, air conditioning systems, computer systems and lighting systems."

"Although at this present time only electricity use is measured through the Atlas software, we are well aware that the system can also cope with real time analysis of our gas and water usage, which is currently manually managed.”

How is the collected energy usage data used?
"The collected data is used to populate the internal energy systems program, which in turn provides accurate data for our other legal requirements such as ISO 50001, the CRC scheme and ESOS."

"By having real time data we can now accurately 'predict' what our energy consumption will be throughout the year, even re-calculating our energy around a business growth plan. "

AtlasEVO Energy Management System Screen Shot

AtlasEVO Energy Management System

How has the AtlasEVO system helped with Energy Management efforts and in meeting standards such as ISO 50001 & ESOS?
"Senator has found the Atlas system very useful in spotting anomalies in the consumption of energy. For example energy usage over a quiet production period, weekend background noise, and when our BMS is incorrectly programmed."

"The Atlas system has proven through its data output the benefits we have realised carrying out Energy saving projects. A typical example is the savings realised when we implemented a computerised damper system within our machine extraction. Savings in energy were much higher than estimated on paper, and was proven out very accurately by the system data."

"The introduction of the Atlas system has given a greater clarity and accuracy of data when we needed to offer this as evidence to our external auditors. Add to this the ease of reading printed charts for submission to legal bodies means the quality of material is much improved.”

Plans for further system expansion?
"At the Desking site we have just installed a second forty channel logger to cope with our plans for production expansion, it will also give us the opportunity to drill down into more unique equipment to monitor how energy is being used.
Going forward, our seating site is now looking at using the Atlas software with automatic data coming from sub meters that are currently being manually read. Basically there is no reason not to extend what appears to be an excellent tool in energy management across the whole group in due course."

Published with the kind permission of David Cullis, Group Services Manager, The Senator Group.