Smappee Infinity – Smart Energy Monitoring

Smappee Infinity is the smart energy management system. It collects real-time energy use data as well as historic consumption figures to provide detailed information on the connected circuits.
The collected data is automatically uploaded to the Smappee Cloud and can be viewed at any time, from anywhere via the Smappee app and online dashboard.
Single and three-phase circuits can be monitored, as can gas and water use to provide a total overview of site resource use.

  • Smart energy management solution for domestic, commercial, & industrial needs.
  • Monitor and analyse energy use, solar generation, gas, and water at a glance.
  • Real-time and historical data via App and on-line Dashboard.
  • Simple installation reduces the cost of ownership.
  • Smart control and dynamic load balancing.
  • Modular, future-proof solution.

Modular system provides simple installation

Smappee Infinity is made up of three components;
Smappee Infinity Modular Components

1. Smappee CT Hub
Up to 4 split core Current Transformers or Rogowski coils can be connected to a CT Hub to measure any current up to 1000A. Up to 7 CT Hubs can be daisy chained giving a total of up to 28 single phase or 9 three-phase circuits to be monitored, with a maximum installation length of 100m . A mixture of single and three-phase circuits can also be connected.

2. Smappee Power Box
As the single point of voltage connection, the Power Box provides power to all the Smappee components. It also measures the line voltage of the connected phases which, along with the measured currents, is used for the calculation of energy use.

3. Smappee Genius
Smappee Genius provides data storage and connects to the Smappee Cloud via an Ethernet, Wifi, or 3G/4G connection. Live circuit data is transferred every 5 seconds, with consumption information uploaded every 5 minutes.

Modbus Meter

Without the Smappee Genius, the CTs, CT Hub(s), & Power Box can operate as a Modbus meter, allowing direct connection to your own Modbus enabled energy monitoring software with a single connection point for up to 28 single phase or 9 three-phase circuits.

Smappee Infinity Mobile App & Online Dashboard

With the Smappee hardware installed and connected to the internet, the mobile app and online dashboard provide access to the collected data.
The Smappee mobile app & online dashboard
Live readings are securely uploaded by the Smappee Genius to the Smappee Cloud every 5 seconds. These live readings are immediately available in the app and on the online dashboard providing you with live circuit information any time, from anywhere.

The same dashboard and app can also display data tables and charts showing period by period kWh, kVArh, Power Factor, current, and volts.
CSV tables can also be downloaded from the dashboard for further analysis.

Smappee Infinity – The Smart Energy Monitoring System

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Automated & Remote Energy Control

Automated control can be added to the Smappee Infinity system. Switching takes place based on measured (kW) load, or at preset times.

Smappee Switch

For direct monitoring & control of low load, 'plugged in' devices, Smappee Switch fits neatly in the power line.
Smappee Switch provides automated and remote control of connected appliances.
Not only does Smappee Switch measure the energy use but, at the touch of a button within the Smappee app it can also be used to remotely switch them off.

Load control can be taken a step further by setting up 'scenes' with the configuration of the Smappee Infinity system to turn off selected loads at certain times of day or when the measured site total load goes above a preset target level.
Up to 20 Smappee switches can be connected under a single Smappee Genius.

Smappee Output module

For control of larger loads, the Smappee Output module has 2 separate power relay outputs (dual throw: NO/NC/Common) which can be connected directly to the equipment to be controlled (max 5A switching), or to an external contactor/breaker for control of larger loads (e.g. motors, Smart Grid Ready heat pumps, EV charging stations etc).

Smappee Output module photo

Up to 10 output modules can be daisy-chained together and connect to the Smappee Genius via the usual RJ10 connector.

Electric Vehicle Charger Control

Many EV chargers have an inbuilt capacity for the load they draw to be limited. At times of peak site usage, Smappee Genius can instruct EV charges to limit their load to prevent supply capacity or transformer limits being breached.

With electric vehicles becoming more and more common the question of how to integrate 'load heavy' chargers into existing power networks.
Control the power supplied to Electric Vehicle charger points
Adding EV charge points to existing power circuits in buildings or commercial sites can potentially cause circuit overload.
Smappee Infinity can address this problem by monitoring the site total load, and when necessary communicating directly with the Electric Vehicle chargers to limit the power supplied to them. Thus leaving sufficient head room within supply capacity or fuse/breaker limits for essential on-site power requirements, whilst still allowing electric vehicles to be charged.

On commercial or industrial sites this smart control of EV charge points can be taken a step further to allow the installation of more EV charging stations than would otherwise be possible.
Smappee Infinity will manage the loads intelligently to allow each vehicle to be charged, even in order of preference, whilst maintaining the site’s power demands within site total power limits.

Smappee Gas & Water

By connecting a magnetic or optical sensor to your existing gas &/or water meter, monitoring of these utilities can be added to the Smappee Infinity system.
Add water and gas to your Smappee Infinity system with Smappee Gas & Water
The optical or magnetic reader connects to the Smappee Gas & Water which wirelessly connects in turn (with a range of up to 20m) to the Smappee Genius which then uploads the gas & water data to the Smappee Cloud where it can be viewed in the same way as electrical data within the app and dashboard.

If the optical or magnetic readers are unsuitable, Smappee Gas & Water can also be connected to the pulse output that many gas & water meters are fitted with.

Smappee Infinity – The Smart Energy Monitoring System

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