In-line 3 Phase Electricity Meter

Originally built for a specific customer requirement, this portable, 3 phase, in-line electricity metering unit is ideal for recording the total energy use of ‘plugged-in’ three phase equipment.

It is perhaps particularly suited to measuring and recording the energy use of temporary installations such as event storage & refrigeration units, catering stalls, exhibition stands etc.

Photo of In Line 3 Phase Electricity Meter

In Line 3 Phase Electricity Meter

A direct connected (no CTs required), DIN rail mounted electricity meter is housed in an IP55 rated plastic enclosure (IP55 with the hinged lid closed).
The meter used can vary to suit the required capabilities; whether a simple kWh register display totaling up the energy use is needed, or multiple displays for kWh, kVArh, instantaneous Watts, Amps, Volts, Power Factor, frequency, import/export use & dual tariff registers, most requirements can be accommodated.
MID approved electricity meters can also be used where necessary.

Trailing from the enclosure are the two IP67 rated connectors. H07RN-F cable is used to provide flexibility and durability even when used in harsh conditions.
The cable is terminated at either end with a 5 pin (3P + N + E), 3 phase plug/socket wired in the standard configuration.

Diagram showing standard 3 phase 5 pin plug wiring

3 phase 5 pin connector wiring example

The unit can be supplied rated for 415V, 16 Amp or 32 Amp maximum currents (other current ratings may be possible – please contact us). Single phase versions can also be supplied.

This In-line 3 Phase Electricity Metering capability is just one example of the ‘custom’ built solutions available.
If you have a specific energy monitoring requirement, and can’t find a ready-built solution please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll do all we can to meet your need.